Stephan Cheret





Born into a horse family, Stephan was exposed to the business from an early age. As a young man he began involved in running the family’s sixty stall dressage facility in France. In Europe Stephan trained with: Jean Claude Cheret, Isabelle Judet, Dr. Kasselman, Dr. Rehbein, Patrick Le Roland. His show career in Europe was extensive and successful, competing at the Grand Prix level for years. Stephan went on to win the 1994 French National Championships. After coming to the US with Caroline, the focus of their business became training horses and riders, and importing top quality horses from Europe. Stephan has years of proven success bringing horses and clients to the FEI level in the show ring, including winning several time at Dressage at Devon.

Stephan’s training philosophy is based on “basics, basics, basics!” Suppleness, thoroughness, and positive reinforcement are keys to bringing a horse to its highest potential and creating self-carriage and brilliance. His riding and training combines the efficiency of the German method , while using French classical influence.

Caroline Cheret




An international FEI rider and trainer, Caroline has been riding horses nearly her entire life. After competing in jumpers until age 16, she turned her attention to dressage and competed throughout Europe. After moving to the United States in 1994, Caroline worked with some of the renowned trainers including Debbie McDonald, Lars Peterson, and Robert Dover. She has competed successfully over the years in big arenas such as Dressage at Devon and more!

Caroline’s training philosophy focuses on foundations of riding and the essential connection between horse and rider.  In training the rider, she will focus on position in order to allow the rider to be as effective as possible. Caroline has marked a commitment to bringing young horses through the levels and producing athletes that excel in dressage. 

“I embrace the fact that every horse is different and some will take more time than others to learn. It’s a natural process, which I love to be a part of.”