Training and Horse Health

    • Full training program that fits your needs
    • Lessons can be trailered in, off-property, or by boarding on premises
    • Turnout and hand grazing options 
    • Chiropractor visits to premises 
    • Dentistry for all horses done regularly 
    • Regular scheduled shoeing for all horses 
    • Vaccines given seasonally 
    • We trailer to all shows or vet clinics with our own 6-horse trailer

    Purchasing and Sales

    Finding your dream horse is our goal! We search for horses both in the US and abroad for our clients. We offer full services to go try horses for you or with you, and have long term relationships with facilities and trainers around Europe to be able to find the best horse for you.

    If you have a horse for sale we offer all services necessary to make your sale. We will make videos, create advertisements, host clients to try the horse, and all else that is needed. With our trainers consistently having their own sale horses, Cheret Dressage has a great selling track record.

    Check out our “For Sale” section to see what we have available!

    The Mission of Cheret Dressage is to provide comprehensive professional guidance to all clients regardless of their experience or riding level.

    • All clients get individual instruction
    • We will help you meet any dressage showing goals
    • All horses receive exceptional care with each horses’ needs taken into account
    • We will provide successful results in the search and purchase of a horse, looking both in the US and overseas.